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Flevoland has ample space. Space for culture. Space for exploration Space to enjoy. Space for festivals, astonishing site-specific theatre and events. Spectacular experiences, brought to you by, to name just a few: the Lowlands, Defqon 1, Wijland, Sunsation and Zand festivals, as well as the Vis à Vis, and Suburbia theatre groups.


#The new discovery

Flevoland has numerous museums appealing to young and old visitors with their focus on history, safety, water, wind or aviation. Discover the centuries of history and the art of Flevoland. Visit the famous LandArt Exposure (the Crouching man) created by Antony Gormley or the Aviodrome Aviation Museum in Lelystad, Museum Schokland or the Dutch Digital Art Museum in Almere. From World Heritage site to modern art, Flevoland is never boring!

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Naturally, you’ve heard of the Lowlands festival. And you’ve probably heard about Defqon1. Along with these huge festivals, there is also in Flevoland room for smaller-scale festivals. For example, there are the cultural festivals Wijland, Free Festival Almere, Festival LOF, the poetry festival Sunsation or do you prefer dancing barefoot in the sand during beach festival Zand?

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Festival Lowlands Dronten 94 Festival Lowlands Dronten 07


#Water, wind and newly created land

One striking thing to note: Flevoland events often include the battle against the elements as one ingredient. You can experience the largest in-water boat show HISWA of northern Europe, the Dutch Water Week has already grown into an event that has been going on for longer with water competitions being held at various places. And don’t forget the Flag and Fisheries Days in Urk which involve wind and water.

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Zeilen bij Almere Regatta Water

Site-specific theatre

#Theatre spectacle

Flevolanders are innovative. They enjoy taking advantage of the possibilities that this man-made land offers. Improvising with the space ensures that a number of theatre companies can offer stunning site-specific theatre. Discover all the theatre shows and events in our calendar and plan your visit.

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