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Flevoland has ample space. Space for culture. Space for exploration Space to enjoy. Space for festivals, astonishing site-specific theatre and events. Spectacular experiences, brought to you by, to name just a few: the Lowlands, Wildenburg, Wijland, Sunsation and Zand festivals, as well as the Vis a Vis, Prins te Paard and Suburbia theatre groups.



You will of course have heard of the Lowlands and Defquon1 festivals. These are major events, however Flevoland also boasts a number of smaller gems. Some good examples of cultural highlights include the Wildeburg, Wijland and OORD cultural festivals, the Sunsation poetry festival and the Zand beach festival.

Site-specific Theatre

#Theatre spectacle

Flevolanders are endlessly innovative. They enjoy nothing better than to make fresh and surprising use of all the opportunities this man-made land throws up. Improvising with the space has served up some astonishing site-specific theatre from a number of innovative groups. Have a look below at our tips to see the current list of spectacles on offer.

More culture in Flevoland


Water and wind and the newly reclaimed land

Something striking: events in Flevoland often include the struggle against the elements as an essential and influential ingredient. One excellent example is Europe’s oldest long distance triathlon; Challenge Amsterdam-Almere. Wind and water also exert their influence in the Almere Regatta and during the Flags and Fishing Days on Urk.

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