Local produce

Come cook up pure regional dishes from healthy Flevoland soil. Here you will find the tastiest recipes, tips for farm shops and food forests. Be tempted by the various options and choose fresh ingredients from the polder. Surely nothing can beat that?

Harvest time: - growing and cultivating

Harvest your own fruit and vegetables

The months of September and October are harvest time in Flevoland. You name it, it is grown in Flevoland. Visit one of the many farm shops and buy freshly harvested products. You can often pick your own. Fun and tasty!

Where to pick fruit

Taste the flavour of Flevoland

Farm shops - with local produce

Prefer to cook yourself?

On holiday in Flevoland and want to cook for yourself? Then try our local produce from Flevoland farmers. Pure delicacies from healthy Flevoland soil. Ripe harvested fruit, artisanal farm dairy, farm-fresh eggs, honest meat, tasty potato varieties, dew-fresh seasonal vegetables, local wines and beers and, of course, fresh fish.

A list of farm shops

Food forests - eat straight from the trees

‘Garden of eden’

Indulge in what might be the perfect combination of nature and agriculture, a nod to the 'garden of eden'. A forest where you don't have to do anything and yet the food falls from the tree straight into your hand. Berries, apples, walnuts and grapes, it all grows together.

More about our food forests