The story of Flevoland

Be prepared to be amazed in the newest province of the Netherlands, there’s no other place like it: Flevoland. It’s a brand-new piece of land that used to be underwater but where we may now live, work and enjoy life. Flevoland, suprise from the sea.


Surrounded by dikes and lying 5 m under sea level, here is a province that has room for new ideas, which is evident everywhere you look. It has an impressive history, traditional Dutch regional products as well as new nature reserves, stunning architecture, a variety of water sport facilities and fun hotspots. Whether you are looking for a spectacular day out or special places to stay overnight, you’ve come to the right place in Flevoland. Visit us and be amazed!

Our nature

Flevoland is full of nature: you will find forests, marshes, ponds and even islands that have only existed for a few years. Come spot our bald eagles and konik horses and immerse yourself in our bird or mushroom paradise. If you love nature, Flevoland is the place to be.

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Our heritage

Where Flevoland is now, the Zuiderzee used to be. During the reclamation, many archaeological treasures 'surfaced', from shipwrecks to the former islands of Schokland and Urk. Visit these islands and experience for yourself at Batavialand and in the Waterloopbos how intense our bond with water still is. Flevoland: an ancient heritage established in 1986.

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Our architecture

Do you like modern urbanism and quirky architecture? Then grab your camera and come to Flevoland! Our towns and villages are partly architecture museums, where world-famous designers like Rem Koolhaas and Gerrit Rietveld showcase their work. In particular, contemporary Almere and flat-roofed village Nagele are not to be missed. Our land art also shows the innovative design for which there is plenty of room in Flevoland: a 26-metre-high steel giant sits on the dike near Lelystad staring ahead, while in the Waterloopbos a 250-metre-long work of art refers to research that used to be done here on the design of the Delta Works. Curious? Come and admire all our landscape artworks.

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Our regional products

In spring, you can pick your own tulips in several picking gardens in Flevoland. In autumn, you can pick your own apples and pears. All year round, you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, farm dairy, eggs and much more at the many farm shops in Flevoland. Have a taste!

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