Cycling & walking

At your own speed. On foot, at a leisurely cycling pace or on your mountain bike. Find your own way. Using the extensive hub network or via a prepared route. Or without any of these. Just set off and see where the wind takes you. Whatever you prefer.

Endless cycling - Cycle along the dyke and breathe in the wide open space

No matter what the weather throws at you

Where else can you cycle for kilometres on end without meeting anyone. Along dykes, through woods and skirting broad fields. Don’t forget to have a good look around you when travelling. Enjoy the beautiful vistas and wide waterscapes. Discover the centuries’ old heritage. And modern architecture. Flevoland is the place for cycling. 

Some of our amazing cycling routes

Put your best foot forward and come and breathe in some bracingly fresh air

Walking in Flevoland

Wander through nature

Lace up your walking boots and walk alongside some of Flevoland’s most expansive stretches’ of water. Enjoy the beautiful panoramas. Take deep lungfuls of fresh forest air or discover our amazing cities. We have set out the best walking routes for you.

struinen tussen het riet Lepelaarplassen Almere meisje Oostvaardersplassen NPNL Almere Lelystad

Some of our amazing walking routes

Our tips - roaming through untouched nature