Visit Flevoland

Just imagine an entire province appearing out of thin air. But that is how Flevoland was created: man-made land, four metres under sea level, protected by kilometres of dykes. Clear lines, the air, the space, the quiet. And modern. It’s hard to miss: you are in Flevoland. Flevoland is man-made, unique and idiosyncratic. No other Dutch landscape has been so defined by human hands as Flevoland. This is the world’s largest reclamation project, originally conceived to provide food for the Netherlands, and designed from beginning to end on the drawing board: straight agricultural plots, roads and canals, but also landscape art, wild nature and modern cities. This summer we invite you to discover Flevoland. You’ll be surprised.


Flevoland, the world’s largest reclamation project. During the drainage, many archaeological treasures 'surfaced': from shipwrecks to global heritage. The story of Flevoland’s heritage is an important one to relate. It’s even more important to experience it!


Flevoland is also called the vegetable garden of the Netherlands. Everything grows here with abandon in the fertile soil. In that flat, broad land, you keep discovering something new along the paths through the polder. Farm shops, food forests, pick-your-own fruit days, the fish auction of Urk. Come and taste it for yourself!


The Flevoland landscape is highly variable. Straight polder plots alternate with pristine nature. Enormous deciduous forests like the Horsterwold, wide-ranging wetland areas like the well-known bird paradise Oostvaardersplassen. And the newest piece of the Netherlands, the Marker Wadden islands.


Flevoland is hypermodern. You get the feeling that there is room everywhere for unconventional ideas. Take, for example, Almere, designed by worldfamous architects like Rem Koolhaas. And spread throughout the province are 9 landscape artworks by famous artists like Morris, Serra and Libeskind.

12 Highlights - in Flevoland


In Flevoland you can always find a fun place to spend the night: from camping to hotel, from group accommodation to vacation home, in a B&B or in your boat in the yacht harbour. And if you really want something unusual, sleep high up in a tree, on a raft, or in a sea container.


Flevoland has around 90,000 ha of water. What water sport can’t you do here? Sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, supping or canoeing. Come and unwind on the Flevoland coast. Our beaches are wonderfully peaceful. We aren’t familiar with traffic jams here.


Where else can you find an area where you can wander and cycle for kilometres without encountering another soul? Over dykes, through woods and along vast fields, it’s all possible in Flevoland. Walking, cycling or mountain biking on the extensive cycling route network or following a signposted route.