Racing along the Plassen

(85.0 km)

What is Flevoland known for? Long, straight paths that you can race down as a cyclist! Have fun doing that on this route. You zip past the Oostvaardersplassen, the Vaartplas and the Noorderplassen. But watch out: this route also takes you on fun winding paths in Almere and Lelystad. Slow down a bit here and look out for other cyclists... Click on the Description tab below for more information about this route.

Download the GPX route when a south and west wind blows.

Download the GPX route when a north and east wind blows.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Oostvaardersbosplaats 1
1336 RZ Almere-Buiten

De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre

Temporarily closed
Oostvaardersbosplaats 1
1336 RZ Almere
De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre

Jan Van Den Boschpad Lookout – Oostvaardersplassen

Jan Van Den Boschpad Lookout – Oostvaardersplassen
8244 PB Lelystad

Hollandse Hout

Hollandse Hout
Hollandse Hout

The Oostvaardersveld observation point - Oostvaardersplassen

The Oostvaardersveld observation point - Oostvaardersplassen
De Praamweg
8218 PW Lelystad
De Grote Trap - Zeewolde
3897 MA Zeewolde
Vier Bruggenpad

Dubbel-Op restaurant

Kemphaanpad 8
1358AC Almere
Dubbel-Op restaurant
1363 AA Almere

De Noorderplassen

De Noorderplassen
End point: Oostvaardersbosplaats 1
1336 RZ Almere-Buiten


Starting point: Oostvaardersbosplaats 1
1336 RZ Almere-Buiten

You warm up by winding along the Jan van den Bosch path with majestic panoramas of marshes, bodies of water and flocks of birds in the Oostvaardersplassen. Then you turn onto the smooth asphalt of the cycle path on the Oostvaardersdijk dike. Then go for it! While you build up speed, enjoy the view over the shining Markermeer and the Oostvaardersplassen. It's a delightful stretch to improve your average speed.

On the winding cycle paths of the Hollandse Hout you slow down a little to enjoy the shelter of the woods. Then with new energy you accelerate over the smooth asphalt of the Praamweg right through the wetlands. Gazing over the grasslands, reed beds, woods and large herds of Konik horses, it is difficult to imagine that this area between Almere and Lelystad was once intended to be an industrial zone.

Now you take a cycle path that winds between the gently rolling meadows populated with Hereford cattle. This is the 8km-long route through De Grote Trap, a new strip of nature between Almere and Zeewolde. Where once a multi-lane highway was envisaged, this delightful cycle path was opened two years ago. Via the Vogelweg cycle into Almere. De Kemphaan city estate is certainly worth a break for coffee.

During the final loop Almere has a few surprises in store. You cycle under the cable railway pylons of the Floriade terrain (under construction) near Weerwater and continue through the dunes in the Duin beach neighbourhood. After passing through the Lepelaarplassen, you can speed up again along the Markermeer on the Oostvaardersdijk dike. After a cooling down on the Jan van den Bosch path, you reach the finish at De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre.

Distance: 85 km
Starting point: De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre, Oostvaardersbosplaats 1, 1336 RZ Almere
★★★★☆ Winding
★★★★☆ Green
★★★☆☆ Water
★★☆☆☆ Open Flevoland
★★☆☆☆ Wind*

Coffee break
Restaurant DUBBEL-OP De Kemphaan
Kemphaanpad 8
1358 AC Almere

It’s true there are no hills in the polder! But you can still train those uphill muscles on our own Great Headwind Wall, because plenty of wind is always available in Flevoland. We can help you not to encounter the Great Headwind Wall too often (and cycle into a considerable open stretch against the wind): cycle this route clockwise with a south and west wind (standard route). Go counter-clockwise with a north and east wind.

Pay attention!
A number of comments and warnings are given for this route:

  • The Jan van den Bosch path (first few kilometres of the route) is popular in good weather and at the weekend with recreational cyclists and walkers. Pay attention at those times and reduce your speed. After the Jan van den Bosch path, you turn onto the Oostvaardersdijk, where you can go at full speed.
  • The Jan van den Bosch path is closed in the winter to give the animals some rest. A detour is signposted then.
  • The paths through the Hollandse Hout are narrow. If you can’t see around corners, be aware that there may be cyclists coming the other way.
  • At the end of the Vogelweg, turn right, where a winding section begins with the Vierbruggenpad and the Kerkuilenpad. These paths are narrow, winding and busy for Flevoland standards. Pay attention, therefore, and reduce your speed. From the Hollandse Brug to the end point, you can zip along again.

Fun for partner/family
The route begins at the visitors’ centre of the Oostvaardersplassen. There are great walks around there. The route passes De Kemphaan city estate in Almere. Everyone can have fun all day long in the Klimbos, Stichting Aap and Almere Jungle. The route passes the Boathouse in Almere. Boei2 is located here, where you can rent a great open boat or barbecue boat for a fun day out on the Noorderplassen. They also rent Segways.

End point: Oostvaardersbosplaats 1
1336 RZ Almere-Buiten

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