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The name Zeewolde is derived from the original name Seaewald, which first appeared in the year 790. The Duke of Gelre extended privileges to the inhabitants of the village of Seaewald, located west of the town of Harderwijk. This village disappeared into the Zuiderzee during a severe flood.

Initially the new village of Zeewolde was planned between Dronten and Lelystad, but later it was decided to build the village on the current location. Zeewolde is the central point of the Netherlands; it has officially been established that the geographical centre of the country lies within the municipality of Zeewolde.The village owes its many colours to the many facets represented in Zeewolde. The Netherlands’ youngest municipality is a quiet harbour town with a variety of restaurants. It has interesting architecture and art, and is conveniently located near woodlands and water. Because of its marinas and surfing beaches, it is often said that the water is Zeewolde’s livelihood.

Near the port of call with its music gazebo, stands the stately yet simple white City Hall, designed by architect Wim Quist. Koen van Velzen’s famous library building consists of many separate elements which appear to be placed at random in a large box. The landscaped artwork Sea Level forms part of a 7-kilometre (4.5-mile) art route.

Adventure awaits in the expansive Horsterwold woodlands. Look for tree trunks left over from the primeval forest in the Stille Kern (‘Silent Core’), or follow one of the very accessible cycling and walking trails in other parts of these woodlands. The surfing beaches await at the Randmeren Lakes, and you can take a boat out onto the waters. The Eemhof, Aqua Mundo has exciting attractions.

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