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Countless scenarios are possible for your day trip to the Noordoostpolder. Admire the cultural history, Rietveld's architecture at the village of Nagele and the wonderful surroundings of the Word Heritage Schokland. Hike or cycle via the Waterloopbos ("water duct forest") to Netl Park , the leisure park. Or take the Zuiderzeeboulevard, along "De Strandhoeve" and the Orchideeën Hoeve (the "orchid garden") where you will find Europe's biggest butterfly garden. Visit the Wellerwaard and then head for Emmeloord with its varied night life offers, including accommodations, at the centre (Stadshart) of Emmeloord.

Engineer Cornelis Lely in 1891 made himself 'immortal' with his plans to impolder what was called the Zuiderzee back then. It was the biggest land reclamation project of all time. Thousands of workers began this heavy manual work. The north-eastern part of Flevoland, the Noordoostpolder (literally: "the north-eastern polder") was drained first. In 1942 the waters eventually receded and this polder was provided with agriculture on loamy soil, forests on sandy grounds and with the residential areas needed. The impoldering was considered one big exercise in the building of societies. The engineers planned not only village and city spaces and reasonable cycling distances within the polders with scrutiny. Also the future polder inhabitants were meticulously screened and selected. Expectations were that these new polder inhabitants, the colonists, would leave behind all traditions at the mainland. A new society was built from the scratch, based on the motto "new land, new spirit".

Informatiepunten in VVV Noordoostpolder

VVV Noordoostpolder  Postbus 123, 8200 AC LELYSTAD
Hotel Restaurant 't Voorhuys  De Deel 20, 8302 EK EMMELOORD
Hotel van Saaze       Dam 16, 8317 AV KRAGGENBURG
De Orchideeën Hoeve  Oosterringweg 34, 8315 PV LUTTELGEEST
Museum Schokland   Middelbuurt 3, 8319 AB SCHOKLAND 

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