TOP Waterloopbos

Welcome to Noordoostpolder

You are in the Waterloopbos National Monument. This is where the Dutch learned to work with water. We owe our worldwide recognition as water specialists to the ground-breaking research that once took place in these woodlands. A place of special interest in Noordoostpolder!

Deltawerk Waterloopbos Marknesse NOP Natuur Architectuur

Waterloopbos TOP

The immediate surroundings just invite you to take some wonderful walks and cycle tours across the old and new land, through woodlands, over dykes and past wide-open fields. You’ll be surprised and delighted by the variation in Noordoostpolder’s landscapes.


Local Tips

Catering facilities nearby


  • Free parking
  • Catering facilities
  • Charging point for electric bicycles                 


Where is the TOP located? - Voorsterweg 34, 8316 PT Marknesse