Flevoland continues to renew itself. Lelystad Airport is expanding and we are again in the process of creating new land: the Marker Wadden

Lelystad Airport

Ready for take-off

Lelystad Airport is being upgraded from a regional airport to an international passenger airport. From 2020 it will form an attractive alternative for air travel within Europe and destinations bordering the Mediterranean. 


Marker Wadden

From dream to reality

Marker Wadden is a unique natural area still in the process of being developed to include robust new land with favourable living conditions for plants, fish and birds. The group of islands will contribute to the restoration of the natural habitat in the Markermeer lake. And of course we will also eventually get to enjoy this very special location. 

Markerwadden eilanden nieuwe natuur Lelystad water Markerwadden en bezoekerscentrum in ontwikkeling Lelystad