Until 1939, Urk was an island in the Zuiderzee. These days it’s a picturesque fishing village in Flevoland. Although Urk is no longer an island, its typical island character has been preserved. 

Back till 966

Rich history

The former Zuiderzee island has a rich history which, as far as it can be traced, dates back to the year 966. Something clearly evident in the culture radiated by the picturesque village with its traditional historic centre, the pleasant, atmospheric quays, the traditional costume and the specific dialect spoken here.

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Experience the culture

Ginkies trip

Experience this individual culture during a 'ginkies' trip. This is a walking tour through the warren of small streets of the old centre, where every house is individual. Come across surprising vistas and cosy squares which alternate with beautiful wide angled views over the IJsselmeer lake.

History and culture

Museum 'Het Oude Raadhuis'

Sauntering through the port at certain times you can watch the spectacle of the fish being landed and auctioned off at the IJsselmeer fish market. Complete your visit by looking in at the 'Het Oude Raadhuis' museum, where you can explore Urk’s history and culture.

Visit Urk

Urk on the map - Dormakade 1, 8321 EM Urk