Nature at its wildest. Designed land. Our famously rectilinear polder landscape. Made by human hands. Flevoland just fizzes. Sparkling water. Landscape art in a spacious landscape without limits. Brimming with history. Absolutely! Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself.

water, land, water, 100% now

Newly reclaimed land

Rectilinear fields, die-straight roads, more than four metres below sea level: Big nature, wide open waters, landscape art, ultra modern cities. Room to breathe the fresh clean air, space in your head. You can only be in Flevoland; made by and for people.

Dijk Lelystad Emmeloord Natuur Flevoland Ei Knardijk Zeewolde Landart Architectuur

Energetic Flevoland - Come and experience