The most beautiful vistas

1 hour 35 minutes (85.5 km)

The Northeast Polder has been dry since 1942, but the history of this unique area goes back much further. See-through panels have been installed at eight places with a special story. When you look through the glass of the panel, you see the story come to life in 3D in the landscape. This route takes you past all eight panels and tells the most beautiful stories from the Northeast Polder.

On the panels themselves, you can read more about the special events. Think of the place where Queen Anne's shipwreck was found some 300 years ago or of Oud Kraggenburg: a former (peninsular) island in the Zuiderzee. 

The route below is only a suggestion. Of course, you can choose your own starting point. The vista panels are located near the well-known cycle junctions: this way, you can also put together a beautiful cycle route. 

Sights on this route

Starting point: Sluitgat
8311 Espel
Rotterdamse Hoek
Noordermeerweg 0
8312 RA Creil


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