The Ship Wrecks cycling tour via cycling hubs; 9 km

    Fact: Noordoostpolder has incredibly fertile soil. In spring you will be astonished by the vivid colours of the tulip fields and in summer it is a great place to eat cherries and pick apples and pears. But there is even more to this soil that once formed the bottom of the sea. A large part of Noordoostpolder's history lies on this former seabed. For example many ships have sunk here and disappeared into the past seabed.

    On the Ship Wrecks tour you can truly experience that Noordoostpolder is a piece of reclaimed land. The wreck poles mark where the old ships sank and finally came to rest. Some are still out there, buried in the soil.

    The tour starts at Schokland UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here you can cycle around the former island. On your tour you will see the height difference between Schokland and its surroundings, clearly indicating the island it once was.

    Start point: Schokland

    Cycling hubs: 61-21-87-37-75-47-61

    All VVV Tourist Information points provide a free recreational and tourist map which indicates all the Noordoostpolder cycling hubs in the Noordoostpolder and surrounding region.

    9.0 km


    Start point : Middelbuurt 3