TOP Lelystad

Lelystad city has ample space: room to breathe. Room also to slow down. To enjoy the nature visible in every aspect of the town. Room for excitement, as well as relaxation: on foot or by bike. The excellently maintained cycle paths guarantee some wonderful cycling. So get pedalling for the very best way to discover beautiful Lelystad.

TOP Lelystad

Lelystad’s TOP tourist hub point is located at the Oostvaardersplassen outdoor centre. You can ramble and cycle through undisturbed marshy areas and wild grasslands in the immediate vicinity. From the various bird hides you can also observe the numerous birds that have chosen the Oostvaardersplassen lakes as their habitat.

The Oostvaardersplassen lakes form part of the world’s largest man-made nature park: the Nieuw Land National Park. Lelystad is one of the Netherlands’ youngest cities, built on the reclaimed seabed of the former Zuiderzee. Lelystad offers various attractive areas where recreational and leisure pursuits go hand in hand with the natural environment, making this young city the ideal place for nature lovers.


Tips in the Vicinity

Eating and drinking


The following is available at the Lelystad Tourist Hub:
- Free parking
- Catering facility
- Electric bike loading dock 

where to find it? - Kitsweg 1, 8218 AA Lelystad