Open boat route: Man-made land

2 hour 53 minutes (20.0 km)

This route takes you past a number of the highlights of Almere. You can enjoy new nature, modern architecture and special islands. If you want to hire an open boat, turn to De Kapitein, at the starting point of this route.

Sights on this route




Get in and enjoy (junction 73)
The open boat is ready and waiting for you, you just have to get in and enjoy the trip. Sail it yourself or relax and let the skipper do the work while you sample the luxurious picnic basket. The routes around Almere will acquaint you with new nature and architecture.

La Isla Bonita (junction 50)
From the starting point, De Kapitein restaurant, you sail straight into the Noorderplassen. There is a wealth of protected nature around the water. When you release the mooring lines, you sail directly past La Isla Bonita, or The Beautiful Island. In this small nature reserve you can see Heck cattle grazing on the peninsula, sometimes they wade through the water right in front of your boat. Yet you are so close to the centre – the tall buildings of Almere Centrum rise like spires in the background. You’ll be cruising there next.

Beatrixpark (junction 28)
From the Koning Willem-Alexanderwetering, sail into the Beatrixsluis lock. There’s another lock further on. Fun tip: at this self-service lock you initiate the locking process yourself by pushing a button. It is entirely automatic. Calmly sail into the lock like an experienced skipper or moor by the waiting quay until the light turns green.

When the sluice gates open, you move into the green oasis that is the Beatrixpark. With all of its bridges, it resembles a modern version of Giethoorn. Names like Krijgertjebrug [little warrior bridge], Wipbrug [seesaw bridge] and Touwspringbrug [skip rope bridge] give the game away that this is the domain of playing children. It is delightful to meander in your open boat down the broad promenade. And fun to watch people and be seen by them. This is the best place to moor for a picnic. You can also get access to a playground or play Almere miniature golf.

Growing Green Cities (junction 13)
The Olstgracht brings your deeper into the city. You sail onto the Weerwater from the Pier. Suddenly, you see the imposing Floriade terrain in all its glory. A visit to the Floriade 2022 is highly recommended. The theme of this world horticultural expo is Growing Green Cities. It remains open through 9 October 2022. Moor by the beach pavilion Strand 22 at the Esplanade, enjoy a bite to eat and drink, and wander over the terrain. Would you prefer just to sail past it? Then moor in the little harbour at De Fantasie.
TIP! Go water-skiing or wakeboarding at Cable Park VIEW Almere!

>> Junction 83 <<
This is where you can choose: city or nature? The route through the city will acquaint you with the inspiring architecture of Almere (follow junction 31). Or go around, over the Lange Wetering. There you can discover Almere Castle, water residents and water industry (follow junctions 77, 39, 17).

Daring design (junction 31)
Now you are entering the Filmwijk neighbourhood. Here architects were challenged to realise their wildest dreams. You see daring building styles, as well as innovative building processes, materials and techniques. The Filmwijk is a fine example of innovation in housing construction.   

Space for greenery
As you sail under the Veluwedreef, you will suddenly materialise in the green surroundings of the Ebenezer Howardpark. You have arrived in Parkwijk. The streets in this green neighbourhood have been named after trees, plants, parks and fruits. Enjoy the view while moving smoothly on to the next neighbourhood.

Once you have passed the railway, you will be in the Verzetswijk. The street names here are an ode to Dutch resistance fighters in the Second World War. Under the Vrijheidsdreef you sail along the Bos der Onverzettelijken woods. A tree has been planted for every resistance fighter who died for their cause.

Soon afterwards you enter the Leeghwaterplas. From the boat you can really experience the vastness. On the starboard side (right) the second and last lock on this route appears: the Leeghwatersluis. After passing through the lock, you can moor by the quay to take a walk. At junction 22 you enter the Hoge Vaart (follow the route description at junction 22).

Almeerderhout (junctions 77, 39, 17)
Via junction 77 you sail towards Boswachterij Almeerderhout. Just pass through the Kromme Weteringsluis lock and then you can enjoy all that greenery to your heart’s content. The region consists of various woods, and there are even beavers living here. From the open boat you may even see traces of beaver. Moor in the inner harbour of Recreatieterrein Waterlandsebos. Take a walk or kick a ball on the large meadow. At the fork at junction 39 enter the Lange Wetering towards junction 17.

Castle and houseboats
A bit further on, a special place appears suddenly on the port side (lefts): Kasteel Almere, the youngest ruin of the Netherlands. After the viaduct you will be surprised by the variation in houseboats moored there. These houses on the water form a cheerful unit with their different formats, building styles and interiors. Which one is your favourite?

Distinctive houseboats
Once you have arrived at the Hoge Vaart (junction 17), head in the direction of junction 22. Keep to the starboard side (right) because you can encounter barges using this waterway as well. On your journey towards the Noorderplassen you’ll pass by a special harbour at the Escherpad, in the Tussen de Vaarten neighbourhood. You’ll see there about twenty boats/barges that are lived in permanently. The housing shortage in the 1990s made people creative: every resident here owns a patch of water and a garden with a shed.

Bos der Onverzettelijken
You sail under the Vrijheidsdreef past the Bos der Onverzettelijken. These woods are a national monument to freedom. A tree has been planted for every resistance fighter, 2,142 in total. You have now arrived at junction 22.

Under sea level (junctions 22, 88, 71 possibly continuing on to junction 51)
From here you head towards the Noorderplassen. Watch out for traffic in the canal and keep to the starboard side (right). At the end of this channel lies the pumping station De Blocq van Kuffeler, with the lock of the same name providing access to the Markermeer. Have you got some time? Then let yourself be raised 5 m in the lock to experience the difference in height of the water! Flevoland originated by draining part of the former Zuiderzee, everything is built on the former seafloor. This height difference is especially evident at the pumping station.

Hunting treasure on the islands (junctions 24, 19, 81, 50, 73)
Once you are back on the Noorderplassen, sail past islands with names like Schateiland [treasure island], Muiterseiland [mutiny island], Pirateneiland [pirate island] and Zeeroverseiland [buccaneer island]. The story goes that pirates scoured this area in the days when the wild Zuiderzee still churned here. Children can have fun adventures, so moor somewhere for a journey of discovery. Or grab a spot on a terrace before sailing with the open boat back to the starting point. Brasserie Tien (near Waterhout camping on Schateiland), Boathouse restaurant or De Kapitein are great places to enjoy a wonderful day out on the water.

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