Bird viewing screen Natte Graslanden - Lepelaarplassen


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The wet grasslands is a paradise for many meadow birds in the spring, and great egrets come here to forage all year round. 

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  • A tour around the Natte Graslanden (wet grasslands) can be taken in two directions. From the visitors’ centre De Trekvogel at the Oostvaardersdijk, you take the Trekvogelpad. You pass the Trekvogelgraslandje (migratory birds grasslands) and a bridge with a lock. Turn right at the next bridge to enter the Lepelaarpad along the Galjoottocht. Stay on this path for several kilometers, following the curves, and you will naturally come across the bird-spotting places. Ultimately, you end up on the Oostvaardersdijk. The entire route is about 8 km.


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