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Voorsterweg 34
8316 PT Marknesse
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Through necessity, the endless struggle against the water has made Dutch engineering a world authority in the field of water management. National Monument Waterloopbos, a former open air testing location, is now a national monument showcasing this recognised acumen. Today the planet still shares and benefits from the knowledge once acquired here. Waterloopbos features the remnants of extensive scale models used to test both national and international water management projects. Nature has set about reclaiming its own and everywhere the mostly overgrown scale models have acquired something of a mystical air. Urk still lives and breathes the sea. Despite no longer being located on the Zuiderzee (salt water) but on the IJsselmeer lake (fresh water), it still boasts one of the Netherlands’ largest fishing fleets. Experience the fishing life, the delicious cuisine and all the history of this picturesque traditional fishing village.


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