Tulips in Flevoland

Did you know that Flevoland is one of the largest tulip regions in the Netherlands? Every spring, you can enjoy a sea of colour. Several routes take you along the tulips in Flevoland. Be guided through the Flevopolder with the Tulip Route (7 up to and including 28 April) and through the Noordoostpolder with the Tulip Festival (13 April up to and including 5 May) and admire the fields full of tulips for yourself! We can't wait for it to happen. Can you?

Please note: tulip time 2024 is over.
Our tulip farmers look forward to welcoming you again in 2025.

Tulips in Flevoland

By car, by bike or on foot

Spring! Time to admire the tulips in Flevoland. Various routes take you past the most beautiful spots, whether you go there by car, by bike or on foot. All kinds of fun activities are also organised at various tulip locations. Most of the tulip fields can be found in the Noordoostpolder, around Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewolde. The start and end dates of the Tulip Route Flevoland and the Tulip Festival Noordoostpolder depend on weather conditions and therefore vary every year, as do the routes. On this page, you will find information about the one in 2024.

Tulip Route Flevoland

April 7th - April 25th 2024

Tulpenroute Flevoland guarantees beautiful cycling and car routes along numerous tulip fields in eastern and southern Flevoland. Discover the colourful outskirts of the municipalities of Dronten, Zeewolde and Lelystad with the car, cycling and walking routes of Tulip Route Flevoland. The car route is not signposted, but after you buy a ticket, you will receive the route digitally. The cycling route is free of charge and also available on the Tulip Route Flevoland website. Besides enjoying the colourful splendour of the tulip fields along the way, you can also light up at several (agricultural) businesses along the route, as they open their doors to the public especially during the tulip season. A unique opportunity to take a look inside where you don't usually go.

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Tulip Festival Noordoostpolder

April 13th - April 28th 2024

Every spring, the Northeast Polder is dedicated to the Tulip Festival. During the festival, there is plenty to do. See the colourful tulip fields with the bicycle or car route and don't forget to also download the app to get information along the way about tulip cultivation, the history of the Northeast Polder and the other agricultural activities in this area. Especially for children, a maze of tulip bulb crates has been created at the tulip festival location Renne Streekproducten in Nagele, while adventurers can take it higher with a helicopter flight over the tulip fields. A colourful view is guaranteed! If you prefer to stay with both feet on the ground, come to the creative market at the Tulip Experience Field in Creil on 27 and 28 April. Every day of the Tulip Festival, you can visit various locations for a bite to eat and a drink. These include a food truck at Renne Streekproducten and a Pop-up Grand Tulip Café at the Tulip Experience Field.

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Tulip routes - and tulip picking gardens

Admire our tulips ...

... but please don't enter the tulip fields

Tulip Island - Tulips on top of a tulip

Tulpeiland is a peninsula shaped like a tulip off the coast of Zeewolde. In honour of Zeewolde's 40th anniversary this year, thousands of tulip bulbs were planted on Tulpeiland late last year, so you can admire tulips on a tulip this spring. Especially from the air, for example with a drone, it will be a beautiful sight. And although Tulpeiland is not part of Tulip Route Flevoland, it is definitely worth a visit. There is a transient harbour with space for eighty boats and there will be facilities for tourism, catering and water sports. Tulpeiland is free to visit.

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