Tulip picking gardens

Every year in April/May, the landscape in Flevoland colours brightly thanks to the colourful tulip fields. Of course, it goes without saying that you are not allowed to walk through the fields to pick tulips. But there are some places where you do get to pick your own tulips. Namely in tulip picking gardens. There are several tulip-picking gardens in Flevoland.


Please note: tulip time 2024 is over.
Our tulip farmers look forward to welcoming you again in 2025.

Hanneke's Pluktuin

250 different species

Hanneke's Pluktuin is Hanneke Monsma's picking garden. This Tulip Picking Garden opens in mid-April. Then you have the opportunity to pick your own bouquet from 250 different varieties of tulips. Old or young, everyone is welcome. Keep an eye on her website for the latest news on opening days and times! (UPDATE: this picking garden closed on April 20th)

Address: Ellerweg 18, Biddinghuizen

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Tulip picking garden Marknesse

Over 5000 m2

At the Tulip Picking Garden Marknesse, you can pick your own tulips. Over 5000 m2 and of more than 50 different varieties. White, yellow, red, black, purple, pink, cream, orange, double, parrot, fringed. Common but above all very special varieties. The picking garden opens as soon as the first tulip blooms. Check on their website if the picking garden is (still) open before you leave for Marknesse.

Address: Steenwijkerweg 26, Marknesse

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Tulips with fresh farmers' fries

Visit a farm

At Boerderijproducten.nl's farm shop in Biddinghuizen this year, you can also pick your own bunch of tulips. At this near field farm, potatoes, onions, carrots and wheat are usually grown and sold by the road via a trailer. They will unfortunately stop doing that soon, but their tulip picking garden will still be open. So come and put together your own tulip bouquet one last time and then enjoy a home-made fry of their own potatoes. Check on their website if the picking garden is (still) open before you leave for Biddinghuizen.

Address: Bremerbergweg 4, Biddinghuizen

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Tulip Experience Field

Don't pick, but experience

The Tulip Experience Field in Creil has been a regular part of the Tulip Festival Noordoostpolder for many years. It is a great location to stretch your legs, have a cup of coffee and take photos in the middle of the tulips. Here you can walk among the hundreds of different types of tulips in the show garden and take the most beautiful photos and selfies among the tulips to your heart's content. Check on their website if the picking garden is (still) open before you leave for Creil.

Address: Creilerpad 14, Creil

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