TOP Kemphaan

This tourist hub point is located in the De Kemphaan city estate, in front of the Staatsbosbeheer outdoor centre and close to the entrance and the N305 provincial road. The perfect place to kick-off your adventure exploring modern Almere.



Discover the Netherlands’ youngest city with its beautiful areas of nature and modern architecture, constructed on the seabed of the former Zuiderzee. Almere has no historic centre with medieval canals or ancient monuments, however what it does have is a number of architectural gems, designed by some world renowned architects. It is the contrast between the built environment and the nature areas that ensures Almere’s individuality. It has five distinct areas of natural beauty, as well as many parks and woodlands to ensure you enjoy the sensual pleasure of cycling through a beautiful natural environment.


Eating & drinking


The following is available at the Kemphaan Tourist Hub           

- Free parking
- Catering facility
- Electric bike loading dock 
- Camp site

Where to find it?