TOP Harderbos

The Harderbos Tourist TOP Hub is located on the edge of the Veluwemeer lake in East Flevoland, nearby Molecaten Park Flevostrand. Take a stroll through the Harderbos woods, cycle along the beaches or through the woods of the bordering lakes, or take to the water and make for one the islands!


The Harderbos woods is one of Flevoland’s most varied and mature nature areas. The first poplar woods were planted here in 1968. Since 1997, Natuurmonumenten has been hard at work to create new and more varied natural areas to break up the relentless monoculture of the timber production forests. These pockets of nature have grown to become increasingly more attractive, lush and varied. This happens rapidly, thanks to the highly fertile clay soil. Little remains of the tedious timber production forest; trees that naturally reach the end of their life cycle are not cleared away which helps encourages the new growth of all kinds of trees to compete for the space. You can explore the green oasis of the Harderbos woods, among some remarkably broad beamed trees. 

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The following is available at the Harderbos Tourist Hub:
- Free parking
- Catering facility
- Electric bike loading dock 
- Bike hire
- Boat hire (650m)
- Campsite
- Wheelchair accessible path

Harderbos has a wheelchair accessible path. To use this, head for the parking area at Natuurmonumenten (Karekietweg).

Where to find it - Strandweg 1, 8256 RZ Biddinghuizen