The 'Zwarte Meer Circle' cycling tour via cycling hubs; 50 km

    This cycling route starts at the 'Het Wapen van Ens' Café/Restaurant. Park here and start the day with a refreshing coffee. Het Wapen van Ens is also an excellent place to wind up your cycling trip with a delicious lunch or dinner.

    The cycling route starts in Noordoostpolder on new land from where you can cycle over the renovated Ramspol bridge onto the old land. Meandering paths take you on a great trip through the older landscape. At some point en route you have to cross the water on a small hand operated ferry, where you will need to do a bit of rope pulling to get you to the opposite bank.

    You pass through the town of Genemuiden where you once again cross the water on a small ferry. Continue your trip along the shore of the Zwarte Meer lake from where you will see Vogeleiland ('Bird Island'). This is where you re-enter the new land (Noordoostpolder), passing through the village of Kraggenburg, where you can stop to refuel with a revitalising coffee or lunch at the Van Saaze Hotel/Restaurant.

    Regional produce
    On the return trip, dismount at the Vink fruit farm where, if its autumn, you can pick your own fruit direct from the trees. Buy something delicious from the farm shop and end your journey and where you started, at the 'Het Wapen van Ens' Café/Restaurant.

    Cycling hubs
    54 - 22 - 35 - 34 - 16 - 15 - 12 - 28 - 26 - 27 - 83 - 80 - 34 - 14 - 3 - 38 - 5 – 54


    Start point : Baan 1 a
    8307 AS ENS