Open boat route: New nature on the sea floor

7 hour (48.6 km)

This route is suitable for experienced and novice sailors. It’s a great way to become acquainted with the water in and around Zeewolde. You enjoy the nature, sail over calm water and encounter the occasional bridge or lock. Are you looking for a place to rent a boat? Just outside the centre of Zeewolde, there is Boot To Go.  
NB: the lift-lock and floodgate at De Spieghel are closed from October 1 to April 1

Sights on this route




Port of call
The route starts in the centre of Zeewolde (Port of call). Via the lock you sail directly into the inland waterways. You can of course decide to sail the route in the other direction and first go north over the Wolderwijd, towards the Harderhaven.

De Zegge
As you depart the harbour, keep to the port side (left) along the line of buoys. You sail between the shore and De Zegge island. It’s a place for families with a fun beach, climbing frames and space for a picnic or barbecue. Remember this place, it is the perfect location to conclude your day of sailing. NB: there are no toilet facilities on the island.

If you continue following the route towards the Tulpeiland [tulip island], stay on the right of the line of buoys that marks the shallows. A bit further on you pass the entrance to Tulpeiland, a special peninsula in the form of a tulip. The flower, the main island, is the size of a football field. The elongated natural islands form the stem. A 200-m breakwater links the island to the mainland. There are 80 mooring places in this flower. Every spring the island is filled with flowering tulips, it is one of the hotspots of the Flevoland tulip route.

De Spieghel (junctions 78, 48, 86)
Just past the Tulpeiland you sail through De Spieghel lift-lock and the floodgate (junction 78). This is the link to the sailing route through the inland waterways and the polder region of Flevoland. When departing the lock, turn left at junction 48. The De Blauwe Diamant canal leads you to the Polderwijk, the new residential neighbourhood of Zeewolde. You pass various bridges and sail around the corner into the harbour. Then turn right (junction 86) to go under the bridge. Follow the route straight ahead, over the Horstertocht.

Horsterwold Nature reserve
Welcome to the Horsterwold, with its 3,700 hectares the largest continuous deciduous woods in Western Europe! You sail for half an hour through a stunning piece of nature of Zeewolde. You share these woods with roe deer, wild horses, Scottish highlanders, fallow deer, foxes and birds. It is likely that you will spot one or more of these ‘big 5’ animals of Zeewolde.

Dry feet (junctions 26, 18 - 35)
After the last curve continue on straight to the fork (junction 26). Here you turn right. You pass under a number of bridges and from junctions 18 - 35 you are back in civilization. Sail along the Knardijk and enter the Hoge Knarsluis lock.

This lock has two sliding gates fitted with heavy counterweights. Together with the identical Lage Knarsluis in the Lage Vaart, the Hoge Knarsluis together with the Knardijk prevent the Flevopolder from being submerged if a dike breaks.

Hans & Grietje (junctions 59, 60)
At the Larsertocht (junction 59) sail straight on to the fork Hogevaart/Hoge Dwarsvaart (junction 60). Here you turn right into the Hoge Dwarsvaart. Along the way you will encounter Hans & Grietje [Hansel & Gretel] Pancake restaurant and playground. If you are travelling with children, moor here for a delicious pancake.

Blauwe Dromer (junction 62)
Follow the route to the Blauwe Dromer [blue dreamer] lock. This lock in the Hoge Dwarsvaart owes its name to the artwork placed there. It is an island in the form of a 5m-high ring dike surrounding basalt blocks, plants and water, with a diameter of 45 meter. After this lock (junction 62) turn right towards Harderwijk/Zeewolde. Sail under the high bridge or take the Veluwemeer aqueduct (left of the bridge). Call the operation centre at most 1 hour in advance: +31 (0)320 – 767 610. Or press the control button at the bridge or lock.

You are now sailing in the Wolderwijd. It’s busy here in summer. Before returning to the starting point, take some leisure time to explore the surroundings. Moor at ’t Huus van Suus or nip into Harderwijk.

Nature islands
Next, sail along the banks to Knarland nature island. This lovely overgrown island with a beach and 40 places to moor is popular with nature lovers. If there is wind, the basin protects the island from the waves of the Wolderwijd. 
Tip: if you keep to the right when exiting the channel, you won’t be bothered as much by speedboats and waves.

A bit further along, you pass another nature island, De Biezen. It’s a quiet place where the basin-shaped harbour is surrounded by trees. In the mornings and evenings the birds give a fantastic concert. On the other side of the dike is located Harderbroek, a nature reserve with open water and reed marshes with numerous species of birds. It’s the perfect place for birdwatchers.
NB: on both islands only eco-toilets are present.

The end of a delightful day on the water is near. Follow the waterfront to the port of call, the centre of Zeewolde. Pick a cosy terrace and enjoy something to eat and drink while reminiscing on this great day. Cheers!

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