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Wendelbos is a fairly new forest in the Northeast Polder. The name Wendelbos comes from an old hamlet near Vollenhove. This nature reserve covers 120 hectares and joins the Waterloopbos. The forest was only established as a wet deciduous forest in 2006, but it is growing very fast and you can now find alders, poplars and willows. On the drier grounds are cherry trees, oaks and ash trees. Many songbirds nest in the Wendel forest and deer also live there. Thanks to the grassy paths and thistles, you will also find lots and lots of species of butterflies.

The Wendelbos is less crowded than the neighbouring Waterloopbos, making it a very suitable walking location for those seeking peace and quiet. In autumn and winter and after heavy rainfall, some paths can be quite muddy. Good walking shoes or boots are then highly recommended.


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