Tulpenfestival Noordoostpolder for groups

From April 19 through May 5, the Tulip festival will be held in the Noordoostpolder (Flevoland). This annual festival is highly attractive for both local and foreign visitors. The Noordoostpolder has the most extensive tulip fields in the Netherlands (around 2,000 hectares) and lies close to the World Heritage site of Schokland, picturesque Urk, Pantropica and other great sites. Go along the tulip route using the interactive Tulip festival app, and during the trip you will receive information through audio fragments about this special region, tulip cultivation and the history of the Noordoostpolder. At the specially designed Tulip Festival locations, Bollie the Bear activities are being organised for children. Plan your spring excursion to the Noordoostpolder, it’s guaranteed to be a fun day out!


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