TOP Oostvaardersplassen Almere

The Oostvaardersplassen Almere TOP tourist hub point is located close to the De Oostvaarders nature experience centre. This is the ideal launching pad for discovering the unique natural beauty of the Oostvaardersplassen, as well as the modern city of Almere.



Almere is a young city with a short but singular history. The city was constructed on the seabed of the former Zuiderzee and boasts both outstanding architecture and beautiful nature areas. Visit the many impressive parks and woodlands, the modern architecture and the exceptional areas of natural beauty. Almere council area is almost 50% under water; little surprise then that Almere sports more bridges than Venice.




The following is available at the Oostvaardersplassen Almere Tourist Hub:       

  • Parking 
  • Catering facility 
  • Electric bike loading dock 

Where to find it