Dynamic fishing village - and former island


Urk was once an island in the former Zuiderzee. Now part of Flevoland, it still oozes the character and self-will of a determined fishing community. Urk became attached to ‘mainland’ Flevoland in 1939, when this part of the Zuiderzee was drained.

Urk Water Erfgoed 2

The end of fishing - due to the land reclamation?

The urban planners thought that once Urk was left high and dry its days as a fishing village were numbered. However the Urkers had other ideas! Today the village is the home port to an impressive, modern fishing fleet. And it gets even better: you will now find one of the largest fish markets in Western Europe on what was once the seabed. Urk continues to grow and currently has over 20,000 inhabitants.

A rich history informs - a fascinating narrative

Urk’s history, as far as it is known, dates back to 966. Its rich history can still be detected throughout the picturesque village; in the old centre, the atmospheric quayside, the lighthouse and, for linguists, in the specific dialect. If you would really like the story to come to life, book yourself a ‘ginkies’ tour with a local guide.

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