colourful patchwork blanket

Elongated fields cover the earth in a colourful patchwork blanket. The wind in your hair, sometimes a gentle stir, sometimes ferocious. The aroma of potatoes, of onions and, with a pinch of imagination, even the sea. And whatever corner of the polder you find yourself, there are always those remarkable dykes off in the distance, securing our ‘new land’.

Bezoekers bij PIER+HORIZON Paul de Kort iets lichter FOTO Geert van der Wijk

For more than 80 years

Tulips and more

There is just so much to see, do and experience in Noordoostpolder. You’re probably already familiar with names such as Waterloopbos, Schokland, De Orchideeënhoeve and Netl. But do you know we also have some great farm shops offering delicious regional products, beautiful exhibition gardens, impressive orchards, play parks and galleries?