Stranded high and dry in the middle of Noordoostpolder is the former island of Schokland. This is an archaeological treasure site, full of hidden gems in the soil. A place where people have lived for many centuries, always striving against the threat of the water.

Worldwide symbol

A former island

The island was evacuated 150 years ago due to the continuous storm flooding. When Noordoostpolder was drained, Schokland became a ‘mainland island’. Worldwide, Schokland is viewed as a symbol of the Dutch people’s perpetual struggle with the water.

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Back to the Ice Age

Museum Schokland

Museum Schokland is centrally located on this former island. From a distance it is plainly obvious that Schokland was once an island. The old church near the museum rises as a beacon high above the new land. Perusing the many archaeological treasures found on this former island is like journeying through history from current days right back to the Ice Age. That’s as far as Schokland’s history can be traced!

Visit Schokland

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