Open boat cruising Flevoland

A brand new open boat cruising network has been laid out In Flevoland. Beautiful cruising routes are waiting for you, suitable for both experienced and less experienced sailors. The water carries you through the unique landscape, created by and for people. By following the junctions, you can determine the route yourself that allows you to discover a surprising side to our youngest province.

Create your own route

Brand new open boat routes network

With the open boat junction network, you can put together your own route. Click on a junction in the online module to start. Then put your route together by linking the junctions.
Once on the water you follow the numbered signs in the direction of the arrow to the next junction. Remember the number of the place where your trip began, so you can return to it at the end.

Would you prefer to cruise an already prepared route? Then choose one of the four thematic routes.

4 thematic routes

To help you out, we prepared below four inspiring routes. If you would like to spend a day cruising or even a journey lasting several days, then we have prepared the best route for you already. Look at our thematic routes here.

Thematic routes - Open boat cruising Flevoland

Safe cruising!

In collaboration with the website, we put the following checklist together. Be safe on your trip!

o             Make a route plan

o            Ensure you have a full tank and your motor is well maintained

o            Do not be surprised: check the forecast first

o            Be prepared for locks and bridges

Open boat rental

Even if you don’t have your own open boat, you can still go on an adventure. Here is a list of (open) boat rental agencies, located near the starting points of the routes.

Open boat rental

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