Provincial Capital - Lelystad

City of engineer C. Lely

Lelystad is the ultimate starting point from where to experience the first traces of what the project to drain the former Zuiderzee entailed and meant. The start of Flevoland as we now know it today.

Lelystad has space

Lelystad’s connection with the water has and always will be a strong one. The views onto endless horizon of water releases you to a feeling of freedom. Enjoy the natural environment by visiting the beautiful green and blue areas and the woods.

Regatta Varen Lelystad

Lelystad, a breath of fresh air

Lelystad also offers so much more besides, such as unique museums, shopping opportunities featuring all the premium brands, or simply the chance to take time out and enjoy the good life on a café terrace. Discover the space and freedom of Lelystad. Lelystad, a breath of fresh air.