TOP Veluwemeer/Bremerbaai

The Bremerbaai Tourist TOP Hub is located on the edge of the Veluwemeer lake in Oostelijk Flevoland, which is one of the world's largest polders.


Bremerbaai is Dronten's newest beach. it was created in 2015 as a Dronten local council and Gastvrije Randmeren Cooperation initiative. Bremerbaai is a 300 meter beach which provides safeswiming both in shallow (knee-high) and deeper (1.80 m) water.

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Eating & drinking


The following is available at the Bremerbaai Tourist Hub:

  • Parking (paid)
  • Catering facility 
  • Electric bike loading dock 
  • Beach
  • Bike hire (650 m)
  • Surf- and sailingschool (650 m)
  • Camping (650 m)

Where to find it - Bremerbaaiweg 6, 8256 NA Biddinghuizen