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On Saturday, October 19th, Diwali will be celebrated at the Esplanade with Bollywood music/dance performances, artists, exhibitions, fashion shows, and a grand finale with fireworks.

A pyromusical adds an extra dimension to fireworks. In a pyromusical, the fireworks display is synchronized to music, creating a precise harmony between the music and the fireworks effects. This combination of music and fireworks is the specialty of the Diwali Festival. The impact on the audience is tremendous!

In cooperation with our fireworks producers, we are working on sustainable, environmentally friendly fireworks and special effects. Diwali utilizes a new production method that replaces all heavy metals with eco-friendly materials. This allows Diwali to meet CO2 and emission standards without compromising quality in color or sound! Additionally, Diwali has replaced plastic with recyclable cardboard. Through careful cleanup and recycling of remnants, there is almost no residual waste after the fireworks displays.


  • Saturday the 19th of october 2024 from 13:00 to 21:00


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