Experience the strength of the wind from close by. The captain will explain how this is harnessed when sailing. Try it for yourself afterwards - under supervision, of course - while we sail right across the wind farm. A guide will tell you exactly why the 190-metre-high wind turbines are so important, how much noise they actually make and a whole range of other interesting facts too.Sit back and enjoy a quintessentially sustainable day out!

Boarding and disembarking: Urk
Price: € 78.00 per person
Minimum number of participants: 45
Book via +31 (0)88 2525 000 or www.naupar.com


You will start your day at the Orchideeën Hoeve park. At the tropical gardens (25,000 m2), discover special flowers and plants, thousands of butterflies, monkeys and small parrots and visit the brand-new ‘Floating’ flower garden. You will then leave for the 11Beaufort wind information centre, where you will be immersed in the world of wind turbines. At the information centre, see for yourself how the wind turbines work and take a guided tour of the 198.5-metre-high windmills.

Price: € 32.78 per person (or € 41.42 per person if a hot lunch is served)
Book via +31 527 202 875 or info@orchideeenhoeve.nl


Having started your day being spirited away to a tropical paradise at the Orchideeën Hoeve park, you will then visit the Batavialand heritage park. An enthusiastic guide will take you on a tour of the shipyard, where you will also see VOC ship Batavia. Did you know that the rapid expansion of the Hortus botanical gardens in the 17th and 18th centuries was made possible thanks to the ships of the Dutch East India Company? These ships came back to the Netherlands bearing not just herbs and spices, but exotic ornamental plants too.

Duration: 10.30 – 17.00 hours
Price: €33.50 per person
Book via +31 (0)320 261409 or reserveringen@bataviawerf.nl


After a trip through the beautiful tulip fields in the municipality of Noordoostpolder, you can choose to either visit the fantastic VOC ship Batavia or head off to do some shopping at the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Next, you will experience the strength of the wind while sailing through the wind farm, while a guide from 11Beaufort (the information centre for the wind farm) tells you all kinds of interesting facts about the 190-metre-high wind turbines.

When: Mid April – mid May
Price Option 1: € 58.50 per person / Option 2: € 72.50 per person
Minimum number of participants: 45
Book via +31 (0)88 2525 000 or www.naupar.com


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