The Pioneers' Trail long distance walking path (LAW)

    LAW 1-2, The Pioneers' Trail runs from Vollenhove on the edge of Noordoostpolder, along Oud-Kraggenbrug and Kraggenburg to Schokland.

    The Pioneers' Trail is an LAW® ('Lange-Afstand-Wandelpad'), which translates as a long distance walking path. A LAW is a walking route of at least 100 kilometres using a walking guide and by following the familiar red and white® markers. The Pioneers' Trail is 200 kilometres long, 42 of which take you through Noordoostpolder. You can walk an additional 11 km loop at Kraggenburg.

    The Pioneers' Trail does what it says on the tin. You walk clear across Flevoland, over the former Zuiderzee seabed, which was only drained half a century ago. The route takes you through woods and marshes, interspersed with wide vistas out over seemingly endless lowlands. The route meanders over unpaved paths, across fields, ditches, and grass dikes. Take time out in picturesque Giethoorn, in the north western part of the Province of Overijssel, before heading out through Noordoostpolder and past the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, before finally completing your trek at the Muiden Castle.

    42.0 km


    Start point : Vollenhoverweg 31 a