Thinking tulips - think Flevoland!

Did you know that Flevoland is one of the Netherlands’ largest open tulip fields?
Driving across Flevoland in spring you will hardly believe your eyes: on the tulip fields of Lelystad, Dronten, Zeewolde and Noordoostpolder you will be at sea on an ocean of vivid colour.

By car, foot or bike

The tulip fields in the outlying areas of Dronten, Lelystad, Noordoostpolder and Zeewolde come into bloom from April. Various routes have been set out which can be followed to ensure everyone enjoys and fully experiences this amazing ocean of colourful flowers. Visitors from the Netherlands and abroad can marvel at the tulip wonderland, as well as enjoy the spectacular views over the flat polder landscape.


Walking routes 
- 19th April-5th May: Noordoostpolder 
- 13th April-5th May: Swifterbant
Cycling routes
- 13th April-5th May: Dronten, Lelystad, Swifterbant, Zeewolde
- 19th April-5th May: Noordoostpolder
Car routes 
- 13th April-5th May: Dronten/SwifterbantLelystad, Zeewolde
- 19th April-5th May: Noordoostpolder 


Numerous activities are organised along the routes. Farms throw open their stable doors for the public, there is a race for runners which will pass the flowers and at various dedicated spots you can even photograph yourself among the tulips or pick your own bouquet.

Hanneke's Pluktuin

Hanneke's Pluktuin is Hanneke Monsma’s ‘picking garden’. Hanneke simply loves the outdoors and has always nurtured a passion for flowers. The Tulip Garden opens mid April. You have the opportunity to create your own bouquet here by selecting from 250 different types of tulips. Young or old, everyone is welcome. For all the latest information regarding opening times etc, keep your eye on her website

Address: Ellerweg 18, 8256RT Biddinghuizen

Workshops at the tulip experience field

You can both admire and create art during the at the tulip experience field. You are welcome to take part in any of the various organised workshops, or alternatively you can also just go straight ahead and create your very own tulip painting. Be inspired by the abundance and beauty of the tulip show garden or by this year’s tulip theme. 

Address: Creilerpad 14, 8312 PS  Creil

Picking field amid the fruit trees

Come and pick tulips at Fruithal Smits in Zeewolde. The picking field is located amid the fruit trees, which only adds to the fun. Create your personal bouquet as cheerful, colourful and as big you like!

Address: Sterappellaan 29,  3897 LL  Zeewolde

A helicopter view of the tulip fields

The Tulip Flight Route offers you a magnificent view from the sky of the many tulip fields that make the Northeast Polder region the jewel it is.

Tulip-picking farm Marknesse

There are 5000 m2 of tulips with more than 50 exclusive varieties to walk around, enjoy and pick yourself. As soon as the tulips are flowering, you can visit the Tulpenpluktuin (Tulip-picking farm). Allow yourself to be spoiled by the spring, surprised by nature and welcomed by us. The coffee is ready and waiting.

Address: Steenwijkerweg 26, 8316 RK Marknesse

* Tulips are very photogenic. But we can not guarantee that they all come out exactly at the same time. Take this into account!
And it goes without saying that you can not just walk through the fields. That is only allowed in places where this is indicated!

Visit the tulips in Flevoland

Tulpenroute Flevoland

The Tulpenroute Flevoland takes place from 13 April to 5 May.


Tulpenfestival Noordoostpolder

The Tulipfestival Noordoostpolder takes place from 19 April to 5 May.