Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden are a range of islands currently being created in the Markermeer lake; a robust new nature zone with a favourable living climate for plants, birds and fish. This special area will become a place for people to thoroughly enjoy too.

Exceptional new area of natural beauty

Marker Wadden is still in the process of being developed. An exclusive area: the islands are created from sand, clay and silt dredged from the Markermeer lake. The aim is to contribute towards stimulating nature in a bid to restore the Markermeer. Nature will be allowed to develop at its own pace on the natural banks of the new islands, both above and below the water line. A new natural paradise for fish and birds. It will also become a great island for leisure pursuits.

Day out on the Marker Wadden

The first Marker Wadden island is already accessible for visitors. It boasts a natural harbour, walking routes, bird hides and a beach. This is a superb place to blow away the cobwebs from your mind, for walking and for bird spotting. You can reach Marker Wadden with your own or a chartered boat or by ferry service. Have a look at the website for more information on Marker Waddenand how to get there.