City Walk Almere Haven

Book the City Walk Almere Haven. Almere Haven is the oldest district of Almere and in November 1976 the first residents were given the keys to their dream family home with garden. Almere Haven is characterized by canals, a market square, nostalgically tinted architecture surrounded by residential areas with many courtyards. At the Gooimeer you will find the Havenkom of Almere Haven, with two large round towers that remind you of a medieval city gate.

Became curious? Book the Citywalk Almere Haven with guide and watch your eyes! You can book the City Walk Almere Haven with guide online at VVV Almere. The costs are € 7.50 per person. Minimum 4 people. The walk takes approximately 2 hours.


De Diagonaal 199
1315XM Almere
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