Tulips in Flevoland

Thinking tulips - think Flevoland!

Did you know that Flevoland is one of the Netherlands’ largest open tulip fields?
Driving across Flevoland in spring you will hardly believe your eyes: on the tulip fields of Lelystad, Dronten, Zeewolde and Noordoostpolder you will be at sea on an ocean of vivid colour.

Explore Flevolands floral landscape

The tulip is synonymous with the Netherlands and the bulb fields in spring attract millions of visitors with their technicolour displays. With more than 5,000 hectares of tulip fields, annual festivals and a host of flower-based activities to enjoy, Flevoland is one of the most spectacular regions in the Netherlands to explore the country’s floral landscape and industry.

Tulip Island

150,000 tulip bulbs

The tulip island is a peninsula shaped in the form of a tulip extending from the coast of Zeewolde. Last September, Zeewolde local council had 150,000 tulip bulbs planted here, all of which are primed to bloom this coming spring . A marina has been created on the ‘island’, located in the Wolderwijd bordering lake, with space to accommodate up to eighty boats. Various amenities are currently being developed for visitors, which will include catering services and water sports facilities.

Address: Zeewolderdijk, Zeewolde

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Tulip Festival

highlight of the tulip season

With over 2000 hectares of bulb fields, Noordoostpolder is one of the Netherlands’ largest flower bulb cultivation regions. In spring, the tulip fields burst into a colourful feast for the eye and are simply spectacular to visit. The highlight of Noordoostpolder’s tulip season is the Tulip Festival, which usually runs from mid April to early May. During the Tulip Festival you can follow specific walking, cycling or car routes that will lead you past the various tulip fields, a tulip picking field and a tulip experience field.

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By car, bicycle or on foot

One of the best ways to explore the region’s remarkable scenery and flower fields is by cycling, walking or driving along one of the routes which form the Tulip Route Flevoland and the Tulip Festival Noordoostpolder every spring. All along these beautiful routes through the countryside around Dronten, Lelystad, Noordoostpolder and Zeewolde, you will discover vast vistas filled with blooming flowers, charming farms and traditional Dutch landscapes.

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Admire the tulips ... - ... but please don't enter the tulip fields