Ginkies Trip Urk

Meet a local!
Great fun! ‘Book’ a real ‘Urker’ guide. An Urk local who will show you around for an hour and a half pointing out all the interesting and fascinating details of this remarkable fishing village!

Ginkies trip
Experience the individual culture of Urk during a 'ginkies' trip. This is a walking tour through the warren of small streets of the old centre, where every house is individual. Come across surprising vistas and cosy squares which alternate with beautiful wide angled views over the IJsselmeer lake.

Sauntering and sailing
Sauntering through the port at certain times you can watch the spectacle of the fish being landed and auctioned off at the IJsselmeer fish market. Complete your visit by looking in at the 'Het Oude Raadhuis' museum, where you can explore Urk’s history and culture.

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