Aventurijn Zorg Zorgboerderij Hof van Schokland

Zorgboerderij Aventurijn is a care farm with all sorts of possibilities. Around the farmhouse there is a beautiful garden with little pathways around the pond and various kinds of plants. There is a vegetable garden and a shop selling organic products.

The farm is located on two bicycle routes and it is possible to walk from here to other places of interest. You can also go with a guide to visit Schokland and its surroundings. Camping also belongs to the possibilities here. In this way you can enjoy the view of the undulating landscape with woods and meadows, where deer can often be seen and where birds of prey often fly overhead. Come and enjoy the atmosphere here and experience Schokland.

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Aventurijn Zorg Zorgboerderij Hof van Schokland
Oud Emmeloorderweg 24
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