Oostvaardersplassen route

Cycle around Oostvaardersplassen, past wetlands and willow and elder savannas. You can spot marsh birds and large herbivores from the observation huts.
The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is part of the world’s largest man-made nature park; the Nieuw Land National Park. Lelystad is one of the Netherlands’ youngest cities, built on the seabed of the former Zuiderzee. Lelystad offers a range of areas where recreation and nature go hand in hand, making our city ideal for nature lovers.
In this environment you can walk and cycle to your heart’s content through wild marshes with wide pools and lakes and rugged grasslands. From the bird hide you can spot a myriad of different birds which have all chosen Oostvaardersplassen as their favourite resting area.

33.0 km
1 hour 49 minutes

Sights on this route

Starting point: Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad

Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad
20 06 97 67 24 23 20

Oostvaardersplassen outdoor centre

Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad
End point: Kitsweg 1
8218 AA Lelystad

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